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Quick Facts
  • Established


  • Headquarters:

    New York, USA
    2 Rector Street, 10006

    Engineering Labs:

    Kyiv, Ukraine
    Kharkiv, Ukraine

  • Clients in:

    the U.S., the U.K., Western Europe, Israel

  • Number of long-term client relationships:

    (December, 2014)

Software Engineering and R&D Potential


INSART is a software engineering company with a solid expertise in Java EE, JavaScript, Cloud, SQL/NoSQL databases, Big Data & Data Science, Mobile Apps and all the related technologies.

Thanks to SMART ENGINE, our custom Agile-based and risks mitigation approach, we successfully develop and deliver premium quality Enterprise Software products that cover FinTech, E-Commerce, Telecom & Networks and other industries.

Established in 1993, INSART has headquarters in New York, the United States, and software engineering and R&D labs in Kharkiv and Kyiv, Ukraine.

Nowadays, INSART is a mature and remarkably qualified team that offers a host of advantages any one of which can become mission-critical in making your software project a success.

Strong Expertise in Target Industry-Sectors

The long-standing experience, active involvement in the engineering of our clients business processes, and existence of one or more ongoing related projects at any given point in time all allow us to maintain a high level of industry-specific expertise for all our target industry sectors. Our forte expertise-wise are major Enterprise Software systems for various industries.

Highest Possible Level of Skills & Qualifications

Central and Eastern Europe are renowned for their contribution to the global IT talent pool. Ukrainian software engineers are much sought after in companies across the globe. More than 1000 students with MA and BA degrees in Computer Science and related fields graduate from several European universities annually. As a local employer of choice, associated with one of the nation’s leading technical institutes of higher learning, we are fully positioned to recruit some of the world’s best talent.

Moreover, INSART has never been after growth for the sake of growth, making quality the company's top priority at all times. We know that many software development vendors have shown much better growth rates in the nearly 8 years we’ve been in the business, but what we have now is a closely knit, cherry-picked team, qualified to solve virtually any task.

Comprehensive Solutions that Develop the Client’s Business

We are not on the lookout for projects that allow turning a quick profit without any long-term obligations. Our potential and qualifications both allow and inspire us to look for those opportunities where INSART’s contribution can really be meaningful and serve as a basis for a long-standing relationship. In other words, we can design from the ground up, develop, and deliver a major, complex solution to cover all your needs, from robust back-end architecture to a mobile version of the software.

This includes the creation of a project team with project-specific skills based on your actual needs, design of the system architecture from scratch, development of both the Front-end and Server side, Project Management, and Quality Assurance.

Moreover, if that is your preference, we can take over from your in-house development team completely long-term, including the provision of an outsourced CTO service. In other words, we can become the technical driving force behind your business and help you achieve your long-term strategic goals.

Importantly, we have provenly done this before.

Extensive Previous Experience

Whatever we list and offer a service has been successfully done by us before. We are extensively experienced in assisting U.S., British, Israeli, Switzerland, German, and other international software development vendors and technology companies in achieving their long-term business goals. We pride ourselves on having several overseas clients that regard their relationships with INSART as a strategic part of their corporate development strategy.

Favorable Location & Most Attractive Pricing

The ability to employ the cream-of-the crop is not the only advantage afforded by our locations. The cities of Kaunas and Kharkiv are homes to a large and growing number of R&D centers of international software development vendors also because it is cost-efficient to develop software here. As a rule, our U.S.-based or Western-European clients can reduce their in-house development expenses several-fold by outsourcing their development to INSART.

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