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Enterprise Knowledge Management System

Enterprise Knowledge Management System:

Industry sector: Automotive & Engineering
Solution type: Enterprise Software
Technology stack: Java EE


INSART was approached by a US-headquartered multinational to significantly expand an advanced enterprise knowledge management system with broad functionality.

Our client is a recognized innovator and a global leader in the development of advanced CAD software solutions. They cater to an array of engineering-intensive industry sectors, and, in particular, to the automotive and aerospace industries. The company's customers include several world-renowned automotive and other brands. The system to be expanded was a communication and collaboration platform to enable efficient knowledge exchange between different groups of experts. The system's functionality included capabilities for capturing, storing, sharing, and comprehensively managing otherwise various activity-specific rules and initiatives to be implemented and used corporate-wide. The system was also expected to be able to interface with internal and external services.


INSART started by comparing the task at hand with the company’s several already implemented Enterprise Software projects with a view to efficiently using the existing knowledge base. We created a dedicated team in possession of the required industry expertise. The created project team established close cooperation with our client’s employees responsible for the project. To help our client better define the system requirements, several members of the INSART project team visited the customer on site.

Implementing the project would have posed a significant challenge for any software vendor. The huge size of the project (for example, the system’s DB contained several hundred unique tables), and the different technologies used to develop the different system modules complicated the development effort. Nearly all the system modules had to be customized multiple times in accordance with the end-clients’ varying requirements.

Due to the strict confidentiality regulations imposed by our client’s customers, the project team was often faced with non-standard deployments of the software they had to use.

The hand-picked project team and excellent rapport we established with our client resulted in INSART implementing the project smoothly, on time, and on budget. Moreover, we significantly exceeded the client's expectations by suggesting and implementing in fine quality a number of valuable system enhancements. These enhancements included the following:

  • The INSART project team significantly optimized the application’s performance using Java profiling tools.
  • We significantly improved the application's architecture through the use of more advanced Java technologies.
  • To improve performance under high loads, the INSART team implemented clustering functionality (if the load on one application server is too big, and the application is unable to handle it, it is possible to create a cluster of multiple nodes to handle the load).
  • Our experts implemented several additional integration modules.


The INSART team handled all the phases of the implementation effort, from the development of the system core, to the creation of the GUI.

Technology Solution

The INSART team used the following proven technologies to develop the application:

  • Java 6
  • Spring (specifically MVC, ioC Container, Dependency Injection, RMI, JMS, JDBC)
  • Hibernate, JDBC
  • Shiro
  • JSP, Servlets, Tiles
  • DHTMLX, jQuery
  • Oracle DB, MySQL
  • Tomcat 7, Websphere 8/9, Weblogic 10-12



INSART delivered a state-of-the-art knowledge management system that currently has 20,000 + users representing several business organizations. The number of the system’s users keeps on rapidly growing.

Our client has been able to acquire several more major accounts, while some of their existing customers benefited from the opportunity to localize the system and introduce it in their overseas branches and subsidiaries.

The INSART team significantly exceeded our client’s requirements for the system by suggesting and skillfully implementing a host of valuable additions to its functionality. We have also been entrusted with maintaining and expanding the system: several INSART developers are currently deployed on the project as an extension of our client’s in-house development team.

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