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Expansion of CDN-enabled Enterprise Video Platform


Kontiki, a US-based technology company, and the world’s only provider of enterprise video solutions, was looking to develop three advanced software modules with a view to enhancing the company’s enterprise video platform.

Kontiki’s technology platform enables enterprise-wide video communication by allowing their clients’ employees in different locations to view live videos simultaneously. The number of concurrent viewers can reach several thousand. The solution also provides VoD functionality, as well as a centralized destination for the client’s corporate video library. The Kontiki platform is used by corporates in some 170 countries to deliver a total of more than 1 million videos annually.

The functionality to be developed by INSART was intended both for the company’s internal purposes, and to extend several new capabilities to Kontiki’s clients.

Broadcast Analyzer is a software tool that allows tracking viewings, storing viewing data, and applying advanced analytics based on viewers’ segmentation. It is possible to identify and display those employees who have viewed a specific video, see the number of times this video has been viewed by them, the related timings, and more. This information can be used for a number of corporate purposes, in particular, to suggest similar videos to potentially interested employees.

The API Tool is a highly flexible solution intended to test the different versions of Kontiki’s API. The tool allows Kontiki’s clients to get familiar with the API prior to developing any custom solutions, and provides a good example of how they can be implemented.

The Authentication Module provides functionality that eliminates the need for Kontiki to authenticate the very large number of users who try to gain access to resources provided by their platform. Instead of requesting the user to complete a registration procedure locally, the system requests that the user log into their Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, and then collects the login data and uses it for authentication purposes.


Implementing the three projects took the INSART team that consisted of two software developers 1.5 years. The requirements for the software to be developed were more than one time modified by the client already during the development stage. The stakeholders on the client’s side were high-ranking corporate officers who did not always have the opportunity to provide feedback in time. Besides, establishing proper communication between the client’s numerous servers also took some additional effort.

Despite the above hurdles, we managed to implement all the three projects with fine quality and to the client’s satisfaction.

Technology Solution

The INSART team has been using the following technologies to implement the project:

  • LAMP
  • Kohana: The Swift PHP Framework
  • JS, RESTFul, HTML5, Bootstrap, JQuery


The client has been able to provide their clients with more advanced capabilities for managing their video content. The API module has made it possible for Kontiki’s customers’ employees to submit and process video content.

Implementing the Open ID authentication functionality has allowed cutting down on the corresponding service costs.

All the above has told positively on the client’s customer acquisition process.

Stephen Blankenship, VP of Product at Kontiki, says:

“INSART has been a great help in implementing this highly important functionality that has allowed Kontiki to significantly improve our customer acquisition and content management processes. We expect them to perform just as brilliantly in future, and we are definitely going to continue our cooperation with them”.

Vasiliy Soloschuk, INSART’s CEO, says:

“We are glad to have been given the opportunity to make a contribution to such a unique and popular technology product as Kontiki’s enterprise platform. We are totally committed to assist them in the further expansion of their product by providing our best resources”.

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