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Online Payment System

Business Domain: Financial Services
Solution Type: Online Payment System
Account: AdvCash,
Model with Customer: Dedicated Team


INSART was approached by a group of international technology investors to develop an online payment system.

From the very outset, the client’s system was conceived as a standard-setting and innovative solution to allow customers to make payments, purchases, and money transfers instantly and securely via the Internet. The application also provides some additional opportunities for both regular Internet users and owners of Web-based businesses.

There are three types of accounts with varying tariff plans supported in the system: personal, private, and business. The business accounts can be supported by a personal manager, and they comprise all categories of business customers, including sellers of goods and services, exchange offices, affiliates, and more. The benefits the owner of a business account is afforded include a lower service fee, a higher priority in the processing of support requests, increased limits on transactions, and the possibility to appoint a personal manager. It is possible to transact business on behalf of the customer’s business entity.

The functionality of the payment system allows performing the following transactions:

  • Making payment for goods and services (using the Merchant API).
  • Depositing funds using a wire transfer.
  • Withdrawing funds using a wire transfer.
  • Depositing funds using a check.
  • Withdrawing funds using a check.
  • Making settlements internally between users of the system.
  • Making internal currency exchange.
  • Depositing funds via independent exchange providers (using the Merchant API).
  • Withdrawing funds via independent exchange providers (using the Merchant API).
  • Making mass payments.
  • Receiving payments in various business projects on the Internet.
  • Keeping finds in an account in several different currencies.
  • Specifying different levels of security for an account.
  • Sending money requests to both account-holders and individuals who don’t have an account in the payment system.

The AdvCash system supports two languages: English and Russian. The appropriate language is selected automatically, but the user can modify the corresponding settings in their profile.

The system’s users can withdraw funds in 35 currencies in some 200 countries of the world.

The Mass Payment capability allows the system to make multiple payments in favor of a group of beneficiaries simultaneously. The feature saves the user’s time spent on making regular payments (ones associated with commissions, bonuses, or salaries).

The online payment system’s default protection mechanism and security settings include various methods of user authentication, including user environment verification, SMS authorization, code card, e-token, and payment password, user verification, and business level verification based on the user’s overall activity across their account.

The affiliate program functionality of the online payment system is intended for promotional purposes. The affiliate program implies that those users, who advertise the payment system by placing banners and articles on blogs, by providing links from their web sites, or by enabling visitors to their websites to make purchases using the payment system, receive bonuses from their referrals.


The project team created by INSART to implement the project consisted of a maximum of 7 experts (three software engineers, one Team lead, one QA engineer, one Business Analyst, and one Project Manager).

For INSART, this was a full-scale project implemented by our project team from the ground up. We did the whole of the work on our own, from the creation of a detailed technical specification for the application, to the development, to testing of the developed product.

The client’s vision of the final product to be delivered changed several times during the implementation effort, and this entailed changes and additions to the system’s functionality. Both during the creation of the functional specification and during the development stage, INSART’s experts suggested a number of valuable usability-related functionality enhancements.

The business domain of the project necessitated a great deal of direct communication with a number of external stakeholders, such as hosting companies, designers, security and usability engineers, and more.

A significant challenge was created by the need to integrate with multiple external services, as the related technical procedures were not sufficiently documented, and the project team we did not always receive the assistance it required.


The INSART project team used the following technology stack to implement the project:

  • Server side: Java/JEE
  • JAX-WS
  • Cache
  • Application server: Apache Tomcat
  • IDE: Eclipse
  • Hibernate
  • Maven3
  • Spring Security, Spring ORM
  • DBMS: PostgresSQL


INSART delivered a solution that both by far exceeded the client’s initial expectations and requirements for the system in terms of functionality, and was in full compliance with the client’s high security and usability requirements for it.

The client is now fully positioned and well-equipped to compete on the online payments market and to develop their start-up business to their satisfaction.

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