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Remote Device Management Solutions


INSART was approached by a California, Bay Area-based technology company from the Telecommunication & Computer Networking sector to assist them in expanding their Remote Device Management system.

The client’s system comprises both client-side and server-side, and is based on the TR-069 industry standard. The solution allows managing remotely a wide range of devices, including routers, Wireless Access Points and Handsets, ADSL modems, VoIP gateways, Network Attached Storage, IPTV Set-Top Boxes, device management platforms, and more. The system’s main purpose is to eliminate the need for end users to perform device configuration and management.

At the time INSART was approached by the client, the system provided only very basic functionality. In order to be able to support the company's rapidly growing international customer base, the client was looking to scale up and optimize the system's performance, and, thus, enable it to service a much larger number of devices. The most imposing challenge was to expand the solution to include the full support of multiple management protocols and standards.


INSART was chosen by the client as a qualified offshore provider in possession of sufficient relevant skills and experience. With a view to seamlessly providing our client with a long-term solution to their needs, we started by creating a cherry-picked project team. To become experts in the specifics of the project, the team members studied a vast amount of documentation prior to the project’s start. This “ownership” approach having been adopted early during the project’s implementation has allowed the INSART team to become the key participants in all the following phases of the project, from the definition of the system’s initial concept, to its development, deployment, and ongoing support.

The number of INSART's employees deployed on the project varied from 3 to 12 during the different phases of its implementation. To render the process of augmenting the client's in-house team more seamless, INSART's CTO and members of the project team visited the customer on site.

The tasks INSART's project team needed to solve were associated largely with the expansion of the TR-069 standard and implementation of custom functionality to support end-clients' varying workflow-specific requirements. Implementing the custom functionality was often complicated. This happened because some of the end clients used equipment that caused the system to be significantly overloaded.

INSART's project team succeeded in meeting all the challenges posed by the project's implementation. The system's performance was improved dramatically by INSART. We managed to achieve this by reducing the time spent on the processing of each individual client request, and, consequently, on that of an entire session.

Also, our project team implemented several prediction algorithms that eliminated any excessive load on the system. All custom functionality, requested by our client's customers, was developed and implemented by us in fine quality and to their satisfaction.

INSART has taken part in developing several versions of the software. For each new release, the project's technology stack (Java, and more) was updated by us.

Technology Solution

The INSART team has been using the following technologies in implementing the project:

  • Server side stack: Java 7/ JEE 6
  • Application servers: JBoss AS, Apache Tomcat, Weblogic
  • Frameworks: EJB 3, Spring
  • Database connectivity: JDBC, Hibernate 4
  • Services layer: SOAP WS
  • Server side presentation layer: JSP/JSF1.2, Servlets, RichFaces 3
  • Frontend: AJAX/JavaScript, JQuery
  • IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea
  • DBMS: MySQL, Oracle DB


INSART's assistance in implementing and expanding the client’s flagship product has been mission-critical for them. Their system has been significantly enhanced in accordance with their requirements, and is now able to concurrently support up to 250 000 devices. This has allowed the client to both broaden their existing customer relationships, and further expand their customer base internationally.

The project is ongoing, and INSART's participation in its further development is part of the client’s future expansion plans. In particular, we will be responsible for the following:

  • Development of all new versions of the system.
  • Engineering of all new, end client-specific functionality.
  • Support of the existing and any incoming end clients.
  • End client-related integration.
  • Deployment of the solution on end-clients’ side.
  • Deployment of the solution on end-clients’ side.
  • Technical support of both pre- and after-sale activities.

Due to the excellent rapport that we built with the client yet in the beginning of our business relationship, they also opted for our outsourced CTO service, and have been relying on it for a long time now.

We pride ourselves on having received the following testimonial from our client’s President:

We've been working with INSART for over three years now, starting slowly and carefully, but now heavily engaged due to the exceptional skills and economies they bring to the table. There is no doubt they have been a key contributor to the significant growth we've enjoyed over this period. We consider INSART to be our most important strategic partner and look forward to working with them for many years to come.


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