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INSART becomes the provider of choice among a number of mature competitors to develop a swiss payment facilitator, an online payment-processing system.

Our customer base is continually growing, and we are proud to be part of the strategic corporate development plans of several overseas hi-tech companies and start-ups.

INSART’s own development plans include a major expansion of several our industry-specific practices that are based on our broad Enterprise Software-related expertise.


INSART successfully delivers a derivatives trading platform for the financial services software vendor Ortess.

The platform was put in operation under the brand of one of the world’s TOP3 financial services holding company.

INSART established a dedicated software development team for our new client Emergent Systems, a leading enterprise knowledge management solutions provider.

The company also delivered a number of complex projects to software vendors in the telecom & networks, e-commerce, insurance, and entertainment industry sectors.

Our new clients during this period became Kontiki, SongHi, OneInc Systems, and other reputable companies.


INSART continued expanding its client base in the financial services and e-commerce sectors, and implemented a number of projects associated with trading solutions, payment systems, financial data analyzers, and more.

The company significantly broadened its expertise in the telecom & networks business domain, focusing on network devices management and OSS/BSS integration. As a result, a complex integration project for one of the world’s leading telecom providers was entrusted to INSART, and the company started implementing this project.


The experience, expertise, and potential, accumulated by INSART over the years, became the reason for the company becoming a full-fledged international provider of software outsourcing services.

INSART started its long-term cooperation with Dimark, a software vendor and provider of telecom & networks device management solutions. Also, we helped a number of startup companies in the e-commerce and gaming industry sectors develop their software solutions.

2005 2006

INSART actively worked on the US, EU and Russian freelance markets as a team of high skilled freelancers. We gained a great deal of valuable technology and business domain experience, and, eventually, signed a number of long-term contracts with several major international customers.


The year 2000 saw the launch of another major initiative: the company took active part in the establishment of eSP Consortium that was created with the goal to merge several domestic and North-American software development and hi-tech companies into a single organization capable of providing software outsourcing services across a broad range of technologies and industry sectors. With more than 250 IT professionals (in Jan 2005), eSP Consortium provided professional software development and BPO outsourcing to clients in several vertical markets.

1994 1996

Soon after its founding, INSART also established itself as a software development company geared toward the needs of small and medium local businesses.

In 1996, the company was approached by the City Administration of Kharkiv to design and develop a major information management system for the needs of the city. The delivered system is still in use, and many new system modules for various purposes have later been developed and added by INSART to its initial functionality.


INSART continues to deliver custom software development services to the company’s clients in the telecom & networks, financial services, e-commerce, and automotive & engineering business domains.

We got down to the implementation of the Protectimus project, an online security solution based on OTP (one-time passwords) authentication.

The company created a new dedicated software development team for SalsaLabs, a well-established provider of a SaaS online marketing platform for nonprofit organizations. Also, INSART was engaged to assist Modnique, a world-leading e-commerce platform and online shop, with a number of its new software products intended to optimize the company’s internal operations.

Our company’s annual revenue growth rate exceeded 40%.


INSART successfully completed the complex integration project for the telecom provider.

We also helped Funcom, an online gaming company, to deliver a number of its online games to the market.

Besides, INSART continued its long-term cooperation with a number of financial services and e-commerce startups


INSART continued cooperation with several telecom & networks software vendors.

A new team for a start-up project in the financial services sector was created by us for Ortess Inc. We also successfully implemented a number of complex web development and mobile marketing projects.


Vasiliy Soloshchuk was appointed the CEO of INSART. The major goals set for the new CEO included rebuilding the company from scratch, turning INSART into a mature international software engineering vendor, and bringing more long-term contracts on board. The Java EE technology stack was designated as strategic for expanding into projects in enterprise-level business domains.


INSART created the INSART IT Incubator Team (IT2) project to better leverage its relationship with the National Polytechnic University. Due to this project, the University’s students received an opportunity to acquire valuable skills and gain working experience during their study. In turn, INSART received an opportunity to select and employ the best young programming talent available out there.


INSART set up a multi-purpose IT Training Center that is now certified by the Ukrainian Ministry of Science and Education, and, among other things, has been extremely helpful in improving our many newcomers’ programming skills.


INSART was founded by prof. Micheal Soloshchuk in 1993 as a technology spin-off of one of Ukraine’s leading technical institutes of higher learning, – the National Polytechnic University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” with a view to introducing and promoting IBM’s product offering in Ukraine. Ever since, the company’s association with the University has only been growing stronger, and has evolved into a mutually rewarding and strategic relationship.


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