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20 July 2016 | by admin

For several years, INSART has been contributing to educating others in IT. Every year, INSART establishes the IT Academy, which is training courses where attendees can gain practical knowledge of Java and JavaScript. The best students are often invited to work at INSART.
The best students are often invited to work at INSART.

Send your resume via email to Angelika Chalapko (,
the IT Academy coordinator.

1 September 2015 | by admin

JavaDay Kharkiv 2015 is an annual conference focused on new features of the Java language and Java-related technologies.

Thursday 1st October 2015, #JavaDay in Kharkiv, 25+ Sessions, 2 Keynotes, 400+ Attendees!

See you there! INSART Team

6 January 2015 | by admin

According to the results of a competition held between Ukrainian IT-companies, INSART became third among IT outfits that employ up to 80 employees.

The key factors of our success are the development of our employees’ professional skills in accordance with their professional interests, good working conditions, expert management, and the company’s strong recognition program, designed to encourage professional development.


24 December 2014 | by admin

The INSART Team send you their warmest Wishes for the Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas, and a prosperous and happy New Year!

23 December 2014 | by admin

AdvancedCash Payment System Goes Live

December 17, 2014, London, U.K.

INSART, a Kharkiv, Ukraine-based provider of custom software for the Financial Services and other industries, and the payment service provider AdvancedCash Ltd. announced today the release of AdvCash comprehensive payment system that has successfully gone live, and is now available to users in some 200 countries of the world.

3 December 2014 | by admin
The INSART team has always been eager to share their knowledge and experience with clients, other professionals, and all those interested in learning more about our areas of expertise. In the last two months, analytical articles by INSART’s experts have appeared in several leading online magazines, including StartupDaily ...
29 November 2014 | by admin

This year’s OutsourcePeople conference ( held in Kyiv, Ukraine, has been visited by both Ukrainian and international experts representing some 280 IT companies. Two of INSART’s experts were among those visiting the event.

7 October 2014 | by admin
Salsa Labs Inc. is a powerful Salsa Lab. crowd-funding technology startup, that has been INSART’s customer almost since their founding, has been visited by our technical experts several times, starting from March, 2014.
3 October 2014 | by admin
The two top Java industry events were held in San Francisco concurrently, and virtually enthralled the city for 5 days: you could see ads featuring the events all over the place.
1 October 2014 | by admin
This fabulous and immaculately findevr organzied San Fransisco-based event was something we had long been looking forward to as a provider of financial software.
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