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IT Academy – Training Courses from INSART

20 July 2016 | admin

For several years, INSART has been contributing to educating others in IT. Every year, INSART establishes the IT Academy, which is training courses where attendees can gain practical knowledge of Java and JavaScript.

The best students are often invited to work at INSART.


How to enroll in the IT Academy

To be enrolled in the IT Academy, you should first complete the prerequisite steps listed below:

  • Have basic knowledge about web development, OOP and databases.
  • Send your resume via email to Angelika Chalapko (, the IT Academy coordinator.
  • Receive a test task and perform it, then email it back to Angelika.


After the IT Academy mentors receive your test task, they check it. If it is performed properly, you will be invited to the interview. After the interview, you may be enrolled in the IT Academy and even granted studying for free.

In each group, INSART chooses two most promising students to grant them. The rest students have to pay for attending the courses. The payment depends on the specialization of the course.

Studying and Prospects

Usually, a group contains 10 students. Each course consists of lectures, practical classes and working on projects. Usually, lectures and classes take place 1-2 times a week, starting at 6-7p.m. One course often completes in 2-3 months.

As a result of studying, each attendee implements a project specified by a mentor. Mentors then supervise the project development. Every attendee can always rely on the mentor’s help. They even can visit their mentor by prior arrangement.

The best graduates are often invited to start their career at INSART. Even if you are not invited to INSART, the practical knowledge gained while studying is a great advantage in job seeking.


Michael Soloshchuk is the Director and Founder of the IT Academy. He supervises the studying process, tackles legal and financial issues.

Vitaliy Gonchar is the Project Manager of the IT Academy. He’s a leading mentor and lecturer.

Angelika Chalapko HR Training Manager of the IT Academy. She oversees all applicants and coordinates their prerequisite steps.

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